Burj Khalifa Tours

Trek the world's elevated edifice, Burj Khalifa and check out an eagle-eye sight of the magnificent divergence of Dubai's countryside from its two surveillance decks with Dubai Travel Tourism. Provisional on your Burj Khalifa permits, you will be allowed entrance to one or both of them. It is solitary here that you can experience the debauched double-deck elevator, sailing at 10 m/sec. At the topmost part of the tower, the ticket allows you to reconnoiter the floor number 124 and 125 deprived of any time limitation. As you stand on the floor number 124, clasp an adjacent up sight of the city through its unconventional, extraordinarily powered telescope.

Floor number 125 is devoted to Arab arts and culture — you can plunge into the state-of-the-art exhibitions and discover enthralling fictions. Endure in wonder when you run out onto the most commodious deck of Burj Khalifa whose embellishment is enthused by Arabic Mashrabiya. Hovering at 452 meters of height, this adrenaline-charged public surveillance terrace is the seamless dwelling to relish the vivacious cityscape. Discover your jaws dangling when you touch the glass-floor fissure under your feet — this infrequent simulation is shaped through collaborative acoustic and cybernetic radars. The distinct influence of green screen cinematography and the simulated veracity experience will enhance a sprint of ecstasy to your expedition with Dubai Travel Tourism.

At The Topmost Sky, permit embraces entrance to both the vantage points (124th, 125th, and 148th) and offers an incessant, all-in-one excursion. Step up on to the elite SKY silo — once the doors open to the floor number 148, at an overwhelming 555 meter, you will lookout the preposterous 360-degree sights of the world below through the floor-to-ceiling crystal clear glass. Select the time slot that concurs with dusk — as the sun goes back in its nest and Dubai's light comes to existence; feast your eyes on some enchanted panoramas. Far ahead, sprawl at Sky Lounge or feast at Atmosphere. A Visitant Diplomat will escort you during the excursion creating it more unified and expedient. Reserve the Burj Khalifa tour tickets with Dubai Travel Tourism in advance to avoid the long lines and save time. Get a sumptuous experience with our preeminent package deals. Our Burj Khalifa entrance ticket choices also consist of inclinations, time slots, and combo expeditions. Watch an interactive program appearance which drives back to Dubai’s antiquated past and also lets you experience this enormous structure’s assorted construction points.