Kings Palace - Details You Must Know About

  • The King's Palace is an exquisitely constructed thatched residence in the form of a beehive that serves as a replica of the original royal residence.
  • Nyanza used to be the center of Rwanda. Oral tradition claims that it was the scene of conflicts and power struggles.
  • The monarchy moved the court around from place to place for a very long time. Nyanza was an easy decision once it finally made a decision. Up to 2,000 people lived in the kingdom's capital in huts constructed using the same techniques as these.
  • A few long-horned Inyambo cattle, descended from the king's herd, are kept in the back by their keepers, who tend to them with care and sing to them in order to preserve a special tradition.
  • The exquisite cows, who were part of the larger Ankole breed, were very significant in the king's honor ceremonies. They were adorned with priceless jewelry and trained to march in step with a trainer while listening to his tunes.
  • When Rwanda won its freedom from colonial authority in 1962, it ceased to be a monarchy. However, the Rwanda Agriculture Board continues to oversee the breeding and grooming of Inyambo.
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